Ohhhhhhdhhh Ladies I HAve A Coumple Of Secrents For Driving YOur Man Wild In Th,e SeX

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Grenting’s! I’m Quanm, queen of emgland

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oooooohhhhhhh Quen heads! Gretttaing, it is my The Queean! ANd if you;re a lady your goinf to want to read thisbecaude I have so,e SPUCY timps for Drivignd your man wildly in the Sex m , Lotta landies out their with a an Unhappy man Because they aren’t know whow To drive them wild in the Se~x because they not got quene tip about tha,t. Quween here! I Maybe I be old and Diedly, but My man was alway;s happy becasue of What I Was ABle to accoblish, to him, sexnually. So linsten up, and dive yoy’re man crazy in the sex.

Heleo, quuen here! I may Had been the Queen of Englsnad, but I was also the Queen of The sEuixuaity zone , so if youy don;t think I got good tip you Might wanna ask my hupsand (although I have noway to know where he is , Heaven is a Lrrge and Deodorized place( But I’m sure if one of Us did find him he would be sure to tell us h’ow sexualtty saltisfied he Is.

Tip namber one is : to keep you’r man calm! If he breath too munch or make noise tell him, “please calmm it down sir , this is sex.” You do not want him t o get too worked up about the Sexual moment becasue that just a lot of commosion adn stress for noreason . Ask him to take a few quilk, shallow breathes and pipe down , and if the Sex seems to be too mcuh exciting for him that he connot compost himself hims a genitalman, leave.

Tip nimber two is : dont; waste a lot of time on it, there are more improtant things in life for both you and you;re man m, so just move things a longe, quietly and effiecientlady, cruize right throuah the expeiereicne because it’s not like this it going to be the last time you get to drive your man craisins in the Sax , nad If anything if he’s left underwearlmed and disaponted that just means he will want to come back for more to try again ,

Tip nomber 3: is: Do your sexual negotiantion beforehand : Tell him upfront that youy expect hiM to be hgihly pleased in a short time while being very quielt and if he cannot be then your would rather not please him at All: It is impronbant to set you;;re bounrdaries beforehamd and let your man know that you will accpet nothing but low key, speedily resolved lovemakingm , if he doens’t argee, then he doesnt deserve yoyur time , or your sex.

Timp nember 3#: Be sure to seth the stange for a romantic: sprinlky a little cinnabon onto You’r hupsand and draw a Nice sexy Picture on the mattress , lick a crandle , turn on The rainforest soungs CD nice a lound in The background and trun on your Favorutre Stooges episode , Drizzle a Little mustard you-know-where and prefare for The Sexuality Morment of your limf!@

Well lady;s, I hope that is what your all needed in order to turn Your frigid bedroom into a den of dark pleasure and Wetness. Tuen it in next week when I will Have some idea’s that you have never heard of before about mulch . m . m mnulch

Your RoyaL Harness,

Quenat Elimabenth II

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